Disappearing Architecture


Elmar Haardt

Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 1


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 2


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 3


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 4


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 5


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 6


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 7


Elmar Haardt, Bondeno 8


»For his BONDENO series, Elmar Haardt chose again a region that seems little spectacular or attractive. Bondeno is a small town near Ferrara in the Po River Plain of Northern Italy – an area marked by the big stream and its lateral channels and a non-Mediterranean climate atypical for Italy. Travellers tend to experience the area only in transit since it has little tourist significance compared to other Italian provinces.
Haardt’s photographs show homes, streets, the edges of towns, industrial areas and occasionally the river bank behind artificial dikes. His pictures are based on the reality found—but despite the documentary approach, Haardt's artistic interest is not in the visual assessment of a specific place and its local conditions.«

From »BONDENO - The photographic work of Elmar Haardt« by Ulrike Westphal

© Elmar Haardt
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