Disappearing Architecture

Elmar Haardt

Manchmal kann man die Berge sehen

Elmar Haardt, Manchmal kann man die Berge sehen

» His 2010/2011 series Manchmal kann man die Berge sehen (Sometimes you can see the mountains) was photographed in Munich, predominantly in the Giesing neighborhood and other city districts and suburbs. [...] «

From »IN PLACELESS STANDSTILL - On Elmar Haardt's photography«
by Ulrike Westphal


Bondeno - Elmar Haardt

» [...] Elmar Haardt chose again a region that seems little spectacular or attractive. Bondeno is a small town near Ferrara in the Po River Plain of Northern Italy – an area marked by the big stream and its lateral channels and a non-Mediterranean climate atypical for Italy. [...] «

From »BONDENO - The photographic work of Elmar Haardt« by Ulrike Westphal