Disappearing Architecture

Daniel Müller Jansen

Diffuse Vertrautheit

Diffuse Vertrautheit, Daniel Müller Jansen

The Ruhr Region has become a catchphrase for industryscapes. With every new picture from this area, we go back to a well-known space - a space which we know how it came to be and how it feels to be there. ...


There is me & There is you

there is me & there is you, Daniel Müller Jansen

The main subject of this photographic observation are different living environments in South Africa and their respective architecture. ...


Auferstanden aus Ruinen

Auferstanden aus Ruinen, Daniel Müller Jansen

Anhand der Masse an Altbauruinen einerseits und leerstehenden Plattenbauten andererseits verdeutlichen die Fotografien, die bis heute sichtbaren ruinösen Auswirkungen der DDR, ...